Publishing ~ Summer 2018

We are currently in top gear, working hard to proudly start offering our publishing services by this Summer. Sadly, most traditional publishers will not market your book. So let us do it! We’ll do it waayyy better anyway. If you're still working on your story, maybe we can help you now! Visit our Shop to see all our available products and services! 

This Summer, we are partnering with an international company to help distribution over seas. Mainly to Germany where, like in the United States, most consumers prefer print over digital books. However, we certainly plan on offering eBook formatting as well! 

Some of our services will include on demand printing, bulk wholesale, book cover design & creation, eBook formatting & distribution, brick & motor and online retail, advanced marketing, book signings, and more! 

Need a Custom Shopify Store? ~ 2019

Well good news for you!

With complete customizable control, you can finally let your website express just as much personality about your brand as you do. By next year, we will be happily offering custom web design for the Shopify platform. Get valued advice from a Shopify guru and let them bring life to to your creation.

"Traditional" Publishing ~ 2020

By 2020, we plan to offer the traditional commitment, contracts, and bonuses like most traditional publishers. Except we'll be the first "traditional" publisher to let you keep 100% of your rights. We'll work with you and for you, instead of for a paycheck. We'll help you market and sell your book, instead of leaving you to figure it out yourself. We'll actually want to help you create your story in your image, instead of what we think will sell most. So I guess we won't be very traditional after all...but that's probably a good thing. 

Media ~ Coming Soon...

One of the very many things on our todo list. This special project is several more years away but will eventually lead to even more extravagant projects in the future. 

By definition, media is the means of mass communication such as the internet, publishing, or broadcasting such as TV or radio. Eventually, we'd like to have a hand in every aspect of the media industry and provide curated content and services across the board. This is, of course, just the beginning of our high expectation for Meraki Media ~

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