Do it Differently. Do it with Meraki ~

MERAKI ~ A Greek word that some claim to be untranslatable. However, the Greeks define it as when someone does something with soul, love, and creativity; when you put 'something of yourself' into what you're doing, whatever it may be. 

That's what we are. We are a company that holds ourselves to a higher standard and unique set of principles. Everything we do is done with Meraki. This allows us to operate in the most efficient way possible. We don't take on more clients than we can handle. We don't work with someone we don't believe in; we give you our complete soul and dedication. By only working with people that are just as passionate as we are, this allows our business and our client's businesses to surpass their competition. 

Even though we put everything we have into our services, that doesn’t limit us. We offer a one-stop-shop! This means you don't have to contact a 100 different companies to get SEO, PPC, and SMO. We offer it all and more at a better quality and lower price! We are also one of the very few agencies that give you a dashboard. Our comprehensive panel allows you to approve scheduled posts, see your stats, fix issues, manage your projects, contact us directly, automate reports, social analytics, integrated social manage, call metrics, live chat set up for your website, and so much more! Purchase one of our service packages to get your dashboard login and see what you’ve been missing out!

We aren’t just your typical creative agency though.

As if that wasn’t already clear. We are also a publishing company that will be proudly offering on-demand and full-service publishing coming this Summer. Sadly, most traditional publishing companies will not market your book. So let us do it! We’ll do it waayyy better anyway. Still working on your story? No problem! Let our editors and content specialists help you bring your vision to life. We are here for you. To us, you’re more than just another number. 

This is why many publishing companies have become corrupt. They work for a paycheck, not for the craft. I'm not going to say a self-publishing company can provide the same opportunities as a traditional publisher. In fact, if you ever get a chance, you should take it. Luckily, we offer a no contract, cancel anytime, kind of service. So you can decide to go a different route at any time.

Check up on the farm at our Facebook page Dragoon Range Farms.

However, for a lot of people and at least for me, I didn't start writing for the money. So breaking into the typical publishing industry was never an aspiration or option for me. Traditional publishers would take a chunk of my rights. They would try to change my words, my story, decide what goes on my cover, and I was not okay with that. I wasn't okay with selling my self to someone just to have them butcher everything I worked so hard to accomplish. Anything less than 100% rights was too much.  

My story is my entire life. I've bled my heart and soul into my pages. Every last inch of myself is in there. I created it perfectly in my image, and it's going to stay that way. 

I strived for something better, but it didn't exist. 

So I created it.  

An authentic business. One that's honest and motivated. One that I am proud to stand behind. 

So let's build something amazing together because I'm not here to work with unmotivated people. I'm here to help bring new life to your creation and witness your dream come true. 

Regardless of if your baby is your book or your business, make sure it's with someone who will treat it as their own. 

Let me scale your business somewhere you never thought it'd reach. 

Often the very thing missing from your company is something you've had the entire time ~ you.

Your brand starts with you. If you aren't present in your company, then you can't expect your customers to be. 

Let me help you through this journey like I wished someone had helped me. Let me read your story. I want to see your love, your creativity, your passion; I want to see you laced within everything you do. Because I only work with business and writers that work with Meraki

Because if you aren't doing it with Meraki, then why are you doing it at all?



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